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Who are Russel Athletic?

From little league sport uniforms to sell out Kith collaborations. Find out how Russel Athletic started to where they are today?

From early beginnings in 1902, Russell Athletic was founded by 26 year old Benjamin Russel. Starting from a tiny sewing factory in Alexander City, the company initially starting in women’s & children’s wear but his love for sports was always a massive passion and drove him to combine sports with manufacturing. His entrepreneurial spirit fuelled his ideas which later lead the company to making all the apparel for athletes throughout the United States including becoming the official uniform for all little league sports.

The founder’s son later came up with a new idea for an all-cotton practise football jersey replacing the itchy, chafing wool uniforms worn at that time, this innovation made them one of the leaders in athletic apparel. By the 1960’s Russel Athletic manufacturing division had become the largest manufacturer of sport apparel& uniforms in the united states, by the 70’s they had expanded across southern USA, Latin america and the Atlantic to Scotland.

Russel Athletic continued to grow and invest and by the 80’s was ranked 5th amongst apparel companies by Fortune Magazine, although there presence may be slightly less known to non-sport fans, there decades of domination in sporting apparel world has set the perfect foundation for the 21st century.

Never has luxe sports wear been more integrated into the average wardrobe. The use of sportswear in fashion is now integral to modern street fashion. There timing of reviving the brand and there clever choice of collaborations has re-established the brand and proved there still as dominate 100 years later from there beginnings.

Collaborations such as KITH, Vogue & RAX has captured younger audiences bringing Russel Athletic into modern fashion. Their colour palettes and high production quality has made every collab a complete sell out.

(Below SS19 Russel Athletic x KITH Collaboration)

We are excited to be stocking Russel Athletic starting this summer 2020. The brand direction of pastel tones and tie dye was a sell out hit with KITH so they are re-releasing the coordinates for there own summer collection. The simple design and high quality of their heavy weight cotton makes easy styling of the modern man.

In Development a special 14oz cotton fleece that was custom milled in the US to properly achieve a high quality OG feel. This pays homage to Russel Athletic original silhouette as the base of the collection- a hoodie, crew neck, tee shirt and short. The pastel colours are designed for Miami and feature special chenille and flocked logo applications.

You can now shop Russell Athletic via our website: https://artifactsapparel.co.uk/product-category/brand/russell-athletic/

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