How to quickly increase potency before intercourse

How to quickly increase potency before intercourse

We advise above so as to fix potency before intercourse with the help of medicines, food and home remedies.

How to quickly raise potency before intercourse

Any way to increase male strength must remain harmless, because first you need to consult a doctor. https://alexapotek.com/ has provided materials and data for this article.

Unless the deterioration of erection is caused by serious diseases, for example, stroke (is sex possible after a stroke), by them and others, then an improvement in erection can be expected under normal conditions. Suitable methods:


Capsules to increase potency give an increased% efficiency, only with normal libido, because they begin to work with sexual arousal. You can actually see the action after half an hour of taking.

Why Use It

These drinks need to be taken hourly, but not only to create an erection before sex, while their productivity will be significantly higher.

Before intercourse, it is advisable to drink a cup of hot cocoa. Drinking will cheer you up, warm you up and increase blood flow. Dishes made from strong black tea with lemon additions have a similar effect.

Prostate massage

A massage can be performed by a doctor or one uncle. Thanks to this composition, it is possible to improve blood circulation, normalize sperm outflow and achieve a stable erection. Indications for massage are chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, infertility, prevention of congestion, deterioration of potency.

Finger home massage, which is carried out through the ass, is very effective. A set of measures is carried out after a cleansing enema. If this appearance is unacceptable for a guy, then indirect distance massage is used. The prostate gland is massaged through the skin, affecting the work through the scrotum and anus. Using a circular motion, gently press your fingertips under the indicated area.

Testicles and scrotum should be massaged with the prostate for additional stimulation. Effectiveness of massage of the future:


Two to three hours before sex, you need to start gymnastics, which will improve blood flow to the pelvic organs. The duration of the sessions cannot exceed half an hour to save energy for sex.

Traditional methods

Vacuum equipment

Vacuum erectile devices make it possible to get a stable erection when blood flow to the penis deteriorates. They will have to be used on the day of sex as they have short-term effects.


Express methods of increasing potency justify themselves, despite this, erectile disorders must be treated. Without treatment, erections will be weaker and weaker, and traditional methods, foods and similar calculation methods will be less effective.

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